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WWE has 3 shows on tvand 2 on the internet with a total of 10 houres of wrestling every week. leave a comment below if you think that is too much or not enough and why.
I understand the situation about this thread. WWE always has been the Apex Predator in Wrestling as Sporting Entertainment. I understand too that due to its worldwide coverage, it is the easiest access product. Remember: It's just a bussiness. In addition, I understand too that many people talks much about WWE and nothing about ROH, CHIKARA, CZW, TNA, PWG, NWA, IWA, lucha, puroresu, women wrestling, European Catch, etc. It's good leave out the comfort zone to vary. And the most probably is that the comfort zone can disappear if WWE ratings kept falling down; consequences from the featherbrained attitude from Mr. McMahon. He doesn't know about listen people (fans, creative team, wrestlers, etc).
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