It was mentioned that the current hold values are lopsided because people picked their holds and then went inactive. Well, have a cut-off time 1 week, 1 month or whatever...

After that time put them on auto-pick.

What do you think?

Yes you are correct the current holds were rather lopsided but I notice a bunch more wrestlers have started to pick moves (probably all of Kiwis wrestlers). It looks like the market is degrading because of it.

The current time for inactivity is 2 weeks on a daily server and I think you are correct I should probably make the moves auto pick after 1 week. Then after another week of inactivity remove them from the federation like it does now. Just to clarify if a wrestler is not in a federation there moves do not count for move calculations.

Thank you for your suggestion it makes sense and please if you have any more suggestions let me know.

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