Which is the better stable?

nWo or four horsemen?

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4 horsemen because they have ric and the andersons
It's a rare question. Why?

1. -Which NWO? NWO Black and White? NWO Wolfpack? NWO Japan? LWO? BWO?
2. -The Four Horsemen are The Four Horsemen. You can't compare brute force with submissions.


No doubt the Four Horsemen. For one, they put stables on the map. Sure there were groups before them but their success helped make them great. The original 4 (Flair, Blanchard Ole and Arn) were the most devastating. Ole and Arn should have had a run with the World Tag Team Titles. But the Horsemen (Flair, Windham, Blanchard, Arn) was probably the best.

Now the NWO angle was fun to watch but they made a lot of mistakes. Probably got to big. If it would have stayed between 4 and 6 guys, it could have worked better I think.
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