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I think the daily cycles are great but i would like to see a weekly server for those who want one and i would also want to see changes to the way federations work like

1: that people can co-own federations with other people

2: the commissioner has abit more power in the federation

3: Inter federation matchs

4: A place for people to put challenges to the champion, so the commissioner knows who wants to fight the champion.

5: the commissioner has the power to make more matchs and titles matchs.

6: more match types

7: Wrestlers can spend more action points per cycle.

8: that the wrestlers can vote for different matchs in the federation.

changes to how you manage your wrestler i would like to see

1: more moves

2: more ways to make the move choices (but not too confusing)

3: make the move system harder to master

4: add more stuff for the wrestlers to do.

also i would like to see this game stay because i love this game and could you make a rugby game like this?

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