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Hey guys,

First I want to say thanks for the beta testers especially the daily scene and the guys who have stuck around.

Changes in the new version include:

1. New Move Value system. Mostly tweaking with some slight adjustments how moves are calculated. Also a disposition history.

2. Game randomness tweaking. The game will be less random, basically a wrestlers power will have more effect.

3. Commissioner Match and Promo rewards. Commissioner will be able to add credits, action points, luxuries to there special events. These do cost the commissioner credits though.

4. Graphical touch ups. Lots of things that I have never got around to polishing.

5. A Luxury system. Wrestlers/Tag Teams can accumulate wealth and luxuries like mansion, yachts etc.

6. Match wagers you will be able to place bets on your matches.

7. Top high rollers. Players will be ranked by their Net Worth.

8. Power will be remembered and displayed in matches so you can see which wrestler was the strongest.

9. Token system for claiming prizes... mini belts.

10. Performance tweaking. I have trimmed down the majority of the page sizes by about 25%. This should speed up load times.

11. And of course many bug fixes.

That's it... let me know what you guys think.


The Great One
Love where you are going with this Deevo I really like the luxury system. To me it adds more purpose to playing the game. Keep up the good work Dev


Deevo i love what your doing with this game keep up the great work.

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